Ride Oaxaca

Traveling down trails on the back of a horse is the epitome of timeless travel. No one knows better how to do this than Adventure Oaxaca’s sister enterprise Horseback Mexico that has be exploring Oaxaca for over twenty years. Choose from our a rich menu of riding experiences. There are day ride suitable for total novices to challenging multi-day progressive rides for the eager experienced equestrian. Ride off the beaten track to lands of traditional cultures and native flora rooted atop stunning geography.

Day Rides

Get out of the city and ride ancient trails through exotic flora. Or better yet, enjoy a peaceful getaway and spend a night or two at Rancho Pitaya . Every ride is the owner’s favorite! A handful of unique ecosystems stretch out around the ranch and breathtaking vistas appear around every bend in the trail. The pace of the ride is adjusted to the rider’s level of experience.

Ride & Ranch Stay​

Treat your soul to a break from the hubbub. Combine guided riding tours with overnight lodging, open-air dining, authentic cooking, fresh air and star-studded skies. Sip a Margarita from a hammock as the horses parade past each evening on their way to dinner. Awaken to the sound of singing birds and ease into the day with a steaming coffee in the gentle, morning sun.

Multiday Rides

Explore in-depth one of Oaxaca’s distinctive regions. Mary Jane has spent decades exploring this state on horseback, often eliciting the help of local shepherds and campesinos to perfect her routes. Meander trails steeped in history and canter caminos dating back to early Spanish colonial times. Diverse nature and architecture, culture and traditions distinguish each weeklong ride.